Enjoy relaxing, warm, functional style that makes you happy to come home and proud to host guests.



See your brand admired and reflected in a praise-worthy interior space that attracts your target audience.


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Kerra is available locally in the DC area and abroad (her team can travel to your location or design virtually) for interior design, construction and renovation, spatial planning, interior styling, and organization projects for homes, lofts, apartments, and commercial interiors. Kerra will also consider requests for event design. Read about her unique process below.

Pricing is quoted per project scope. Full home interior designs begin at a $30K investment. For small and budget projects, consider consults, wherein Kerra offers a single-session with design expertise to those who want to manage the process on their own, or full interior build-outs with Kerra’s talented apprentice designers, who are available under her supervision through KMI’s sister brand, Apartment Envy.


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You're In The Loop, Always.

Designing for a home or even a brand can be an intimate process, and we believe transparency is paramount to trust. Every step of the way, you know where we are, what’s coming up, and exactly what you will find on the invoice.


Unique Spaces, Always.

Your project will not be a cut-and-paste from a catalogue. In addition to Kerra’s innovative and unique design techniques, her designer status grants her  (and, thus, YOU!) access to exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces from retailers. She can choose from fabrics, furniture, and more that’s not available to the public.

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"When Kerra showed me what she had in mind for my space, I knew she had vision. Then she executed it flawlessly. I was continually impressed with her team from start to finish.”
— A.K. McLean Estate

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Kerra and her team will meet with you for a consultation. This will include a 30-minute walk-through of your space wherein she listens intently to your goals, preferences, practical requirements, and obstacles you’ve faced. Kerra then proposes design solutions and opportunities. The consultation will result in an investment propsal, which may or may not include construction work, depending on the space goals. 

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Through inspiration photos, sketches, product links, mood boards and / or technical drawings, Kerra will work with you to visualize the potential end-result for the space, until you have reached a firm decision on the visual direction and style. This may include construction mockups as well, depending on the project scopes.

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With the interior pieces and investment agreed upon, Kerra, along with her skilled and experienced team, will come in and implement the design. If a build is required, this will include her construction crew. By the end of the process, you will have a stunning space that meets your goals and suits you or your target audience’s lifestyle.

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