The award-winning Washington DC Interior Designer who will team up with you to exceed your spatial goals, whether at home or in a commercial interior.

About Washington DC interior designer, Kerra Michele Interiors

Kerra Michele is the founder of Kerra Michele Interiors, an eponymous Washington DC Interior Design Studio; Apartment Envy, the popular lifestyle blog which offers readers an accessible taste of top design skill with renter tips and DIY tutorials; and finally, BUREAU, the DC coworking studio and event space.

Kerra has been honored to receive the 2016 “Rising Star” award by Fashion Group International. She has offered expertise as a guest panelist for several companies and organizations, including Room & Board, West Elm, and The Shakespeare Company, and is a preferred HGTV designer.

Kerra’s experience and recognition speaks not only to her talent and prowess as a trained Washington DC interior designer, but also reflects her ambitions in empowering others to pursue their desired lifestyles and careers. Kerra founded the coworking studio BUREAU in honor of the women who deserve a workspace that inspires them; she treats each project at Kerra Michele Interiors with the same resolve.

In keeping with her values and belief that design can transform one’s entire life, Kerra pursues charitable projects as well, including her travel to India, where she designed a Children’s Home.



We are all impacted emotionally and physically by our environments. As an interior designer, it is my passion and responsibility to construct spaces that inspire and empower, while making life easier from a practicality standpoint. I’m dedicated to combining organization, flow, and beauty to improve my client’s lifestyles and create unique, well planned spaces – whether that be in a home, office, restaurant, or more. I will listen with open ears to your 'want' list, and use every tool and resource I have at my disposal to make in effortlessly stylish space that actually works for you.

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About Washington DC interior designer, Kerra Michele Interiors